New Carpets Inter 3D virtual simulator app

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12 January 2015
New Carpets Inter 3D virtual simulator app

Create your own flooring designs with a touch of your finger.

With the 3D Virtual Simulator for the iPad and iPhone you can visually experience Carpets Inter's comprehensive carpet tile catalogue. Automatically updated by their in-house design team, this app ensures that you are up-to-date with their latest offerings.

“With the launch of the 3D Simulator App, our clients have the opportunity to play with designs, colours and installation techniques, making specification for projects simple” Kim McMurray, Global Marketing Director, Tai Ping Carpets.

Create your own floor design with just a touch of your finger. The tool will enable you to select the desired room scene, design, and colour. By changing the carpet installation within the room, you can see how your selected design looks in the room. Other functions include:

1. Zoom In/Out - Use two fingers and pinch in to zoom in or out.

2. Tap and Hold - You can tap on the carpet floor and hold to see the detail of our product

3. Double Tap – Tap twice to walk along the path or corridor.

4. Single Tap – Tap once to select and pick up the desired item.

5. Drag – Press and drag to rotate the room or look around the room scene.



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