New C20 & C30 LED downlights released

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8 July 2011
New C20 & C30 LED downlights released

Following the success of M-Elec’s D1590 LED downlights, we have released a new range for applications requiring higher light outputs with the efficiency of LEDs.

Sticking to M-Elec’s three key elements incorporated into all its products, the C20 & C30 are built with DESIGN, FUNCTION and TRUST.

DESIGN - The face of the C20/30 is the most important thing to a customer, as that is all they see once the product is installed. With a recessed face and contoured lip the C-series keeps the ceiling looking smooth and consistent. Not many people like seeing multiple LED “dots” on the face of downlights so M-Elec has re-used the opaque diffuser on the front of the fitting to maintain pleasing “aesthetics” when in use or when turned off.

FUNCTION - This is where the ML-C20 or ML-C30 start to lead the way in dollar value per lumen output. The ML-C20 boasts of 1800 lumens in warm white and 2000 lumens with cool white. If more light is needed, the ML-C30 is there if required and headlines a massive 2800 lumens in warm white and 3000 lumens in cool white.

While the need for high-lumen output is crucial for offices, shops and commercial premises, the need for high CRI (colour rendering index) is even more important for many. Both models of the C-Series thankfully cover this issue also with high CRI levels of more than 90! This brings M-Elec LED C-series downlights way ahead of many competitors.

The ML-C20 and ML-C30 are designed with not only looks and performance in mind but also electricians. All C-series kits come with flex & plug, cut-out guide, instructions, powder-coated white trim and DIMMABLE electronic drivers. Drivers have terminals large enough to fit 2 x 2.5mm cable and the downlight heads have ‘quick connect’ plugs making installation a breeze.


  • DALI/DSI dimming/control
  • 316 stainless steel trims
  • IP54 weather protection rating
  • All above are custom orders only

TRUST- M-Elec operates with simplicity for all customers in mind. We cover all products with a full 2yr warranty. Our products get tested by various trades and services before entering the market place: engineers, electricians, designers and consumers. We have an excellent performance history and plan to keep it that way.

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