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3 March 2010

Boral Bricks launches nine new products

Boral Bricks has invigorated its Queensland range of products to meet a surge in demand, with refreshed colour palettes and the launch of a new range of affordable options.

The most significant additions are to the Nuvo range of new generation bricks with distinctly different finishes. Nuvo Fusion is a premium, deeper coloured brick with a subtle sheen and velour texture that now has four locally-made colours: Tusk (cream-based); Lava (reddish-brown); Raven (brown-black) and the existing Blue Rio (a blended blue-grey with purple tones).

Light neutral shades dominate the standard Horizons collection. A new range called Horizons Naturals has been launched, which combines lighter shades and a fine texture. The four colours are Cotton (pale beige), Granite (light taupe), Balsa (straw) and Khaki (latte).

In the existing Horizon Classic base range, two new hues have been added to the ever-popular sandy-white Girraween. These are Marina (strawberry blonde) and Springbook (light sand).

Eddy Maini, Marketing Manager Boral Bricks & Roofing, said the new colours and textures better blend with the natural environment of warmer climates.

“Recent trends have been towards lighter cooler tones in brick and nowhere are these more appropriate than in the sunshine state,” he said.

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