New Australian slip resistance testing standards released

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16 April 2015
New Australian slip resistance testing standards released
Wet pendulum slip test.

Standards Australia has recently released the updated versions of the slip resistance testing standards.

One standard is AS 4586-2013 which is the "Slip resistance classifications of new surface materials" and the other standard is AS 4663-2013 which is "Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces".

Both standards are the result of extensive work of the BD-094 committee members which was organised by Standards Autralia. The new standards developed by using the latest scientific research data into slip and falls, greater harmonisation to other standards around the world and better specification to bring it up to date and also ensuring that AS 4586-2013 will get called up in the upcoming National Construction Code - BCA Volume Two.

The standards have several changes on to how to prepare the Pendulum slider to wet test surfaces, classification and interpretation of the slip resistance test results, inclusion of some additional notes, one of which is related to the accelerated conditioning also known as surface slip resistance wear test.

As the corresponding handbook HB 197 which provides specific location slip resistance recommendations as well as addresses lots of other matters has not been updated at the same time, there will be some differences between the new AS 4586-2013 standard provided information and HB 197 handbook. The changes while not significant, still require awareness and understanding of the previous and current values to ensure compliance.

For people, who require a copy of the new standards they can be purchased via SAI Global store.

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