New AIS approved CPD Seminar from Centaman Entrance Control

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22 July 2013
New AIS approved CPD Seminar from Centaman Entrance Control
Centaman Entrance Control CPD Seminar.

Centaman Entrance Control is pleased to announce a new AIS approved CPD (Continual Professional Development) seminar is now available, entitled: Entrance Control: Balancing the DDA, Security and Aesthetics.

The course is designed to educate Architects & Facility Managers in the product options available in entrance control and the ways in which they can be configured to meet the DDA requirements and blend in with the building design.

There are a wide range of entrance control products that offer a different balance of benefits dependant on the key criteria of a building’s requirements. The course is intended to help show the levels of customisation available for these choices, and that you are not limited to either having an ‘industrial’ looking but secure environment, or a good looking but less secure premises.

CPD (Continual Professional Development) courses are designed to offer impartial advice to the specifiers market and as such course content is carefully assessed by AIS to ensure its impartiality and that it maintains, enhances and increases the knowledge and skills of the professional.

“We see it as vitally important that architects design in security to a building at the early stages of a project. To successfully do this the architect needs to understand the options available as well as their unique benefits. Additionally this CPD course gives an excellent understanding of the choices available in Entrance control whilst showing what can be done with these options to make them less intrusive to the overall design of the premises. I hope this course will help the specifiers to choose the right product and be able to customise it to help blend it in to the fabric of the building.” said Michael Bystram General Manager for Centaman Entrance Control.

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