New addition to DX series fires from Escea

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15 November 2012
New addition to DX series fires from Escea
An Escea DX1500 model installed in the recently opened Saggio di Vino restaurant, Christchurch.

Perfect for smaller apartments and homes or as a second fire in a bedroom, the DX1000 continues to bring stylish modern looks and ambience to any property – looking stunning even when it is not burning.

The success of this series of fires has been based on a combination of the great design look and feel which works beautifully in modern or classical rooms, along with the technological innovations that allow the fire to be placed wherever a designer or architect wishes - below television screens, in the middle of double sided wall panels or even beneath windows.

No longer restricted to being part of a chimney breast with a flue directly above, Escea fires can now be a focal point of the room, but share the limelight with an entertainment centre, enhance a view or simply fit into however the designer or owner wishes to configure the room.

The other technology innovations with this fire play into the whole “smart home” concept, enabling the DX 1000 and DX 1500 to be controlled from a desktop computer, so you can turn on your fire from work before heading home, or from a smartphone if the fire is set up with a wireless router.

Escea’s founder Nigel Bamford is excited about the success of the new range and further enhancements that will be released in the next few months.

“This is a stunning fireplace that looks great in any environment, and we are proud to be leading our sector of the market with technology we have developed here in New Zealand.”

“Escea’s innovation also means that this is the only gas fireplace in the world that can be set into almost any material without fear of heat damage. A recent example is the installation at the newly rebuilt Saggio di Vino restaurant in Christchurch, New Zealand, which has a double sided DX1500 set into a wall clad with leather. The effect is dramatic and couldn’t be achieved with any other fireplace,” says Bamford.

The DX1000 is now available in New Zealand with the first orders being sold before they even rolled off the production line. Australian dealers should have the fires within the next month.

Escea marketing manager Mark Cowden says demand for the Smart Heat range since the launch of the DX1500 in 2011 has been mainly for new home builds, and hospitality installations.

Examples of highly successful installations include Saggio di Vino restaurant, the newly refurbished Barakah Bar in Dunedin’s Octagon, and the brand new Beach Bar due to open in the Christchurch seaside suburb of Sumner in the next month.

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