New acoustic product a success in gymnasium

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19 November 2010
New acoustic product a success in gymnasium
Martin Davenport confirms that reverberation in the Umina Campus’s gym was cut 40% by Echohush.

An innovative new acoustic panelling from soundproofing experts, Pyrotek Noise Control, was used recently to control noise level and reverberation in the gymnasium at the Umina Campus of Brisbane Waters Secondary College.

Before the product, Echohush Cosmo, was installed, students and teachers struggled to communicate effectively due to the echo bouncing off the hard surfaces of the gymnasium.

Tests conducted in the empty gymnasium by Heggies’ acoustic consultant, Martin Davenport, revealed a reverberation time (RT) well in excess of the recommended measurements for building interiors as stipulated by the Department of Commerce Schools Facilities Design Standard.

According to Davenport’s report, “an excessive RT causes undesirable build-up of sound energy and results in poor speech intelligibility”, which is far from ideal in an educational venue such as a college gymnasium. The report’s recommendations included using Pyrotek’s echo-damping acoustic panelling to reduce the RT. Pyrotek’s Bruce Hermes put forward Echohush Cosmo, a panel with decorative slots that allow the acoustic cavity infill to absorb noise energy and control reverberation. Bruce further recommended filling the ceiling girders with 100 mm thick biosoluble fibreglass of density 32 kilograms per cubic metre, faced both sides with Pyrotek’s white Sorberscreen.

In addition to meeting the performance need, Pyrotek was also able to offer an aesthetic plus by supplying the Echohush panelling in the school’s colours.

Staff and students at the Umina Campus are thrilled with Echohush on both fronts. Staff have remarked on the decreased level of noise in the gymnasium and students report that they can now hear the instructions that their teachers give, at the same time identifying with the thematic colours of their surroundings. In his follow-up report, Davenport confirmed that the reverberation time in the empty gym has been reduced by over 40 percent, thanks to the installation of the Echohush panelling.

Constructed using non-combustible materials (steel with a fibreglass infill), Echohush Cosmo is perfect for institutions that must comply with strict fire codes. The robust nature of Echohush makes it ideal for facilities such as gymnasiums. The panels are also available in a range of colours and sizes to suit individual needs.

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