Naturally ventilated office buildings: good for business

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18 July 2012
Naturally ventilated office buildings: good for business
Altair Louvre Windows offer greater ventilation than any other window type.

Over the last few decades, the trend for office buildings has been to seal them up tightly to allow air-conditioning systems to run efficiently. With the costs of electricity (both economic and environmental) continually rising this seems less and less like a good idea, especially with most of Australia’s population living in climates that do not require mechanical conditioning for much of the year.

The trend that is currently gathering pace is to design mixed-mode conditioning systems where a combination of natural ventilation and mechanical cooling is used to keep building occupants comfortable. Turning air conditioning systems off periodically can result in massive savings on electricity.

Mixed mode cooling systems not only deliver significant energy cost savings, a growing body of scientific research is also showing that natural ventilation can reduce absenteeism and poor health symptoms as well as improve productivity.

For those wishing to reduce their office’s energy costs and reap the benefits of healthier, more productive staff, window types and control systems are two key considerations. While there is no nationally recognised system for comparing the differences in ventilation available through various window types Bill Cloumassis, Breezway National Sales Manager says “It’s obvious to see that modern Breezway Altair Louvre Windows offer greater ventilation than any other window type as they open fully to maximise the ventilation through the entire window area.” Many experts recommend automating the operation of the windows and air conditioning systems in offices with multiple occupants so that changes in outdoor conditions can be anticipated and responded to maintain indoor comfort.

Bill continues to say “The Breezway Altair Powerlouvre Window can easily be integrated into Building Management Systems and the Powerlouvre Window’s low voltage motors are concealed within the window frames to avoid ugly, industrial looking external motors.”


Breezway manufactures Altair Louvre Windows in glass, timber and aluminium. They are energy and cyclone rated and suitable for multi-storey applications.

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