National COLORBOND® Steel Award winner a good sporting hall

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7 November 2012
National COLORBOND® Steel Award winner a good sporting hall
2012 COLORBOND® Steel Award winner - Milson Island Sport & Recreation Centre by Allen Jack+Cottier.

Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre was awarded the 2012 National COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture at the recent Australian Institute of Architects' 2012 National Architecture Awards in Perth.

The hall hosts groups of school children who spend a week on the island participating in sports and activities such as canoeing, fencing and climbing.

The building's roof design forms a protective shell, wrapping it until just short of the ground. The rounded roof shape also deflects tree debris, which falls to the ground alongside the building, and an in-ground gutter collects rainwater.

The hall's wing-like shape also harnesses the prevailing breeze for natural ventilation.

Allen Jack+Cottier CEO Michael Heenan said he chose LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® made from COLORBOND® Ultra steel for exterior cladding due to the building's proximity to salt water, and the colour Dune® after taking a piece onto the site and comparing it with the bark of surrounding trees.

Slender 600mm steel purlins were barged to the island and bolted together on site to form phenomenal 21-metre spans. These spans provide the necessary structural capacity for the building and deliver a 30 per cent materials cost saving for the client.

"Nothing could match steel's contributive strength and lightness, so it was an ideal choice given our building restraints," said Mr Heenan.

"We were delighted to receive the prestigious National COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture from the Australian Institute of Architects. It caps a long history of successful sporting buildings designed by AJ+C and our consultants," he added.

BlueScope Steel market manager - commercial and industrial - Manu Siitonen said the National COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture recognises buildings in which steel exemplifies innovation and that this project deserved such recognition due to its considered use of structural steel and innovative cladding.

"Addressing problems of wind resistance, natural ventilation and heating throughout the year, this project has a simplicity and directness of construction yet its structure and cladding are cleverly detailed to achieve an elegant form," said Mr Siitonen.

Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre is covered extensively in the April 2012 issue of Steel Profile magazine, which is available free to the architectural industry.

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