Nara Native Turf has incredible winter colour

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10 August 2012

In recent winter fertilising trials, well fed and fertilised Nara Native Turf has shown far better winter colour than most other varieties. When fertilised in autumn and winter, Nara kept growing well at trials conducted in the cold town of Windsor NSW, and this is despite frequent frosts. Nara consistently displayed a much darker green colour than the Buffalo, Zoysia and Couch turf varieties used in the trials. Where Nara was not fertilised however, it had browned off.

Nara that had been fertilised in autumn and winter rated on average 7 out of 10, only behind Kenda Kikuyu by half a point. Nara showed the best response to the winter fertiliser application. It has a unique ability to respond after a good autumn and winter fertiliser, while other turf types can be burnt with winter fertilising. We are not sure why, but we think it may be its high salt tolerance, combined with its unique Australian heritage that makes it so resilient. So if you want a green Nara lawn in winter, feed it with slow release fertiliser in early April and then again in early June. Nara needs less fertiliser in summer than other turf types.

This new research adds to the list of many other benefits that Nara provides. It’s widely used on commercial projects and roadsides because of its very low maintenance needs. Less mowing and edging means lower cost and more time for you to enjoy your lawn. Nara can be mown normally in spring to remove flower head, or be left longer without much mowing for a beautiful natural native look.

Not only is Nara the most beautiful lawn in Australia, it also survives on a lot less watering than your average lawn. The Department of Primary industries stated that Native Zoysia is more drought tolerant than Couch, Kikuyu, and Buffalo turf. Being a native, Nara has had a long time to adapt to Australia’s heat, humidity and drought with deep and vigorous rhizomes, as well as the ability to tolerate salt. Nara has even had time to adapt to our heavy rainstorms, as it tolerates wet feet much better than Kikuyu, Buffalo and Couch and it is highly disease and lawn grub resistant. It grows well in full sun and up to 40-50% shade (for areas that get wear a maximum of 40% shade).

Nara is now widely being used in large commercial projects around Australia, including army bases, parks, and roadsides. As a home lawn it has excelled, and now that Nara can be kept greener in winter, it is expected to rapidly grow in popularity.

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