Multi-talented and invigorating: Raindance range from Hansgrohe

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28 September 2012

Introducing the Raindance range from Hansgrohe

Multi-talented with smart push-button

Forceful and gentle across the entire shower face: the new Raindance Select E 120 hand shower from Hansgrohe combines two different rain jets in a single hand shower.

Talking showers tends to split the audience into two camps: some like a gentle warm shower, others prefer an effective, powerful downpour. Bathroom and sanitation specialist Hansgrohe took a closer look at the showering behaviors and preferences of its customers. The results of this research flowed straight into the development of the new Raindance Select E 120 hand shower, which now provides the right water experience for every need and shower type, thanks to its innovative jet technology. And it does so at the click of a button: switching between the three types of water jet is ingeniously simple and convenient with the Select push-button.

Invigorating rush of water

The RainFlow or the new RainStream: unbridled shower pleasure from the Raindance Rainfall 150 overhead showers from Hansgrohe.

Enjoying water in its natural form, as a solid stream pouring down onto the neck and shoulders, has become a popular trend in the wellness bathroom. With its clear, beautiful arc of water gushing from the RainFlow jet, the new Raindance Rainfall 150 overhead shower from the bathroom and sanitation specialist Hansgrohe brings the sensation of standing under a waterfall right into your bathroom. Whether in hotels, swimming pools, saunas or sports and wellness facilities, with its slimline, flat profile the Raindance Rainfall 150 overhead shower with its timeless design is the perfect choice for any situation, and it is also very easy to install on the wall.

The developers discovered an innovative flow solution with the new RainStream jet. Unlike conventional flood jets, which often taper down along their trajectory, the new technology splits the stream into many separate jets which spread across the entire body of the person taking a shower. Even at significantly reduced water consumption, the flood jet still feels very pleasant. In fact, both the clear RainFlow and the tingling RainStream are perfect for applications designed to be invigorating, for example after sporting activities or after a sauna.

Shower pleasure by design

The Raindance Select E 300 Showerpipe from Hansgrohe is the complete wellness package for every bathroom.

What we expect first and foremost from technology is that it will not make our lives more complicated, but easier and more comfortable instead. Simplicity is the saving grace that gets us through our ever more complex everyday lives. This is also the premise on which the mixer and shower specialist Hansgrohe based the development of a new operating philosophy. With the push-button method of switching between different types of jets, Hansgrohe has implemented the same principle we have already become accustomed to when we use mouse clicks and operate light switches.

The new Raindance Select E 300 showerpipe combines overhead shower, hand shower and thermostat in a single system suitable for simple surface-mounted installation. The system offers no fewer than five different shower modes: the hand shower pampers the body with three, the overhead shower with two different types of jets. Switching between the types of jets is done simply by pressing the large Select push-button on the hand shower or the overhead shower. Another sophisticated feature is the well designed Ecostat Select thermostat: more than just a beautifully shaped object, it also serves as a practical shelf for shower utensils.

Overhead shower pleasure at the click of a button

Stunningly simple mode of operation: the Raindance Select E 300 from Hansgrohe with new jet technology and innovative Select switching.

Like warm summer rain: shower pleasure from an overhead shower – a growing trend that is turning increasing numbers of bathrooms into oases of well being. The products responsible for creating this now much sought-after overhead shower feeling were the large Raindance overhead showers from shower specialist Hansgrohe. With the new Raindance Select E 300 overhead shower, Hansgrohe continues its success story. Two comfort aspects in particular extend the shower pleasure even further. The product developers succeeded in integrating two different types of rain jet across the entire shower face for the first time: aerated gentle droplets or forceful, invigorating jets. Added to this is the strikingly simple method for switching between the jets: Hansgrohe has integrated its Select push-button function into an overhead shower for the first time.

The entire Radiance range will be available in New Zealand in Jan 2013 and a selected range will be produced in an Australian version in late 2013.

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