Moochi's aurora Kaleidoscopic Feature acts like a beacon

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29 January 2014
Moochi's aurora Kaleidoscopic Feature acts like a beacon
The aurora feature in a centre-piece and an unparalleled draw card for Moochi.

The Supawood aurora Kaleidoscopic Feature at the Moochi frozen yogurt shop at Hornsby NSW has become a crowd stopper and their business is booming.

The store is located in a prime position on the edge of the square, a popular meeting point for shoppers. The aurora kaleidoscopic feature acts like a beacon of colour especially at night, providing the business with an unparalleled draw card.

The designers, Mima Design, have used an aurora custom ceiling as an illuminated centre-piece in the interior fit-out to seamlessly flow down into an upholstered column with banquette seating. The aurora ceiling provides fluidity and luminosity for the colour-changing LED lighting which is programmed with several stunning sequences. The ever changing effect brings the interior to life.

The aurora installation at Moochi is a proven example of how this product can successfully become an attention grabber and an attraction to improve customer patronage.

This flexible product can also be combined with other specialised SupaExpance applications including invisible air-conditioning and an acoustic option.

As seen at Moochi, aurora ceilings, walls and shapes can take interior design to a completely new level by creating unique and dynamic features, and present designers with endless application opportunities to make any interior stand out from the rest.

To truly appreciate the dynamics of the aurora Kaleidoscopic Feature at Moochi watch the video on the Supawood website aurora product page.

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