Modern sunshades shaking up energy efficiency in homes

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23 September 2011
Modern sunshades shaking up energy efficiency in homes

Renovators, specifiers and home-owners are rediscovering ways to tastefully, intelligently and unobtrusively shade buildings. Issey’s contemporary external and retractable awnings and blinds are a flexible way to help control the amount of heat and light allowed into a structure.

“In the last 10 years we’ve noticed a massive increase in the consciousness of environmental concerns and therefore more demand for our custom-made sunshades to responsibly protect glass facades and architectural glass features,” says Sue-Ane van den Akker, Director of Issey Sun Shade Systems.

Being external means these shades stop the sun before it hits the glass, therefore minimising the UV rays and heat transmitted to the interior. Exterior blinds also save space internally.

Retractable systems have the flexibility to be used on demand. Having the sun’s warmth in winter helps decrease heating costs and extending the awnings in summer keeps the building cooler so air-conditioners can be used minimally. This shading on demand also creates temporary outdoor spaces to extend entertainment areas without the need or hassle of permanent structures.

With technology modern sun shades can be controlled by intelligent sensors or via a BMS system. When the sun comes out the systems can extend to protect the building even when the occupiers aren’t there. When the wind gets stormy, the sunshades automatically retract.

In modern awnings, gone are the days of bulking shading devices with brown striped fabric and dangling strings. “The majority of products we distribute either have neutral tones or bright colours to be a design feature,” says Lane van den Akker, director and product designer of Issey’s diverse range. “When they are housed in our unobtrusive headboxes, the systems are discreetly protected and subtly blend in with their surroundings.”

These benefits, coupled with the advantage of Issey’s design to installation service sets the company and its Australian-engineered product range as benchmarks in external, retractable and energy efficient shading.

Issey Sun Shade Systems

Issey Sun Shade Systems supplies external awnings including retractable roofs, pergolas and awnings; folding arm awnings, external blinds and sun shades.

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