Minimal-maintenance DecoWood™ ideal for public projects

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13 August 2010

DecoWood™ wood grain powder coating on aluminium is a minimal maintenance solution for hospitality, commercial and government projects. DecoWood™ offers the natural beauty of timber with the strength and durability of aluminium.

DecoWood™ is easy to clean and maintain, certainly much easier than timber as it never requires painting or staining. DecoWood™ is a durable, marine grade powder coating able to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as extreme UV exposure, salt spray and heavy pollution.

DecoWood™ is available in a smooth or textured natural finish, the smooth boasting advanced anti-graffiti properties. With DecoWood™ Smooth, paint and marker pen can be easily removed using household chemicals.

DecoWood™ can be used internally and externally on aluminium windows, doors, privacy screens, shutters, louvres, balustrading and more.

DecoWood™ is the Australian market leader in wood grain powder coating.

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