Milson Island Indoor Sports Stadium – a clear vision

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17 September 2012
Milson Island Indoor Sports Stadium – a clear vision
Milson Island Indoor Sports Stadium by Allen Jack+Cottier architects.

Milson Island Indoor Sports Stadium, situated on New South Wales’ beautiful Milson Island, is deeply integrated into its spectacular landscape. ‘There are beautifully coloured eucalypts surrounding the building,’ says Architect Michael Heenan of Allen Jack+Cottier architects. ‘Every colour used in the stadium comes from one of these trees, which is visible on the right when you walk in.’

Milson Island Stadium sports a rugged look, courtesy of its corrugated steel construction. ‘I was determined that the building, which is quite large for an isolated island site, was not overly visible,’ says Michael. ‘The dappled shadows of the leaves and branches form a camouflage pattern on the exterior corrugated steel, which was chosen for its ideal visual and physical properties. We used the strongest non-corrosive material available.’

The stadium’s location in a fire-prone area placed heavy restrictions on construction, demanding an innovative response. ‘As the stadium is located in an Asset Protection Zone, there is no guttering, downpipes, ridges or bracing on the exterior,’ says Michael. ‘By turning down the edges of the exterior wall, I made the stadium into a fire refuge.’

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