Mermet launches a new M-Screen range of fabrics for blinds

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27 April 2011
Mermet launches a new M-Screen range of fabrics for blinds

Mermet is proud to announce the launch of the new M-Screen range of fabrics. The new range has 33 colours, including 16 existing favourites and 17 new and exciting colours.

As a first for M-Screen, many of the new colour fabrics are made using up to three different coloured yarns, expanding the range to include colours with more depth and texture, providing sunscreens with a softer appearance & also offering a wider spectrum of highly sought after shades of fabrics.

Mermet M-Screen fabrics for blinds are made from PVC coated fibreglass with a 5% openness offering up to 96% UV protection, helping protect the home from heat gain, while still allowing a view to the outside.

M-Screen Sunscreen fabrics are certified to Oeko-tex Standard 100, the label guarantees fabrics do not contain any harmful chemicals, reducing the risk of irritations and allergies.

The fabrics also meet the stringent requirements to be Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified, and Greenguard Children’s And Schools Certified, providing the consumer with confidence that M-screen blinds will not omit harmful emissions and offer a healthy indoor air quality and environment.

M-Screen has also been assessed by Ecospecifier as an environmentally friendlier choice by helping to achieve significant reductions in the demand for air conditioning, reducing electricity consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

M-Screen fabrics for blinds are available in up to four widths, including a 3.1m width to allow for large windows.

Fire retardant and easy to maintain, the fabric is suitable for all types of internal blinds in both residential and commercial applications, and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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