Memory Lane by Kate Shaw

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24 March 2014
Memory Lane by Kate Shaw
Memory Lane by Kate Shaw.

If you went down to the woods today, you'd definitely get a surprise if the trees were anything like the hyper colour landscape of Kate Shaw’s temporary laneway installation!

Inspired by childhood memories of growing up in Brisbane, Memory Lane incorporates the iconic Glasshouse Mountains as well as a much-loved Moreton Bay Fig. But the similarity to our natural environment ends there, with the artist drawing on highly saturated colours and marbled patterns to explore ideas of nature, alchemy and creation and blur the fields of landscape painting and abstraction.

The hallucinogenic swirls and drips in Kate’s paintings are not of this world – instead they vibrate like aura readings of the landscapes she interprets. This interest in the unseen layers of our environment is also suggested by the artist’s exploration of mirrored effects, which add a playful element with their suggestion of childhood ‘squish paintings’.

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