Megasorber specified for Restaurant Revolution on Channel 7

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3 August 2015
Megasorber specified for “Restaurant Revolution” on Channel 7.

Megasorber has been chosen to provide the acoustic solutions on Channel Seven’s new prime time show “Restaurant Revolution”. Megasorber's high-quality products have been fitted to the show’s shipping container pop-up restaurants to reduce sound reverberation and meet recording studio acoustic requirements. Producers needed an acoustic solution which was cost effective, fire rated and aesthetically pleasing. With engineering calculations and many years of know-how, Megasorber’s engineers designed a simple, cost effective system that proved very effective and looked very impressive

Customer Feedback was outstanding with customers and clients very impressed with the acoustic performance:

“The soundproofing panels are so effective, it is unbelievable. I will definitely use them when I have my next restaurant” – Melbourne restaurant owner, Nathan and Maz.
“I am pleased to report that everyone is very happy with your (Megasorber) sound-absorbing panels. They have given our noisy boxes a great sense of intimacy, which is great for filming” – Ben Herbertson, Filming Crew Manager, Channel 7 Restaurant Revolution Melbourne Unit.

Megasorber designs and manufactures fireproof sound absorbing panels for: architectural acoustic applications such as reverberation reduction; plant room soundproofing; HVAC soundproofing and air duct lining for acoustic and thermal insulation

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