Megaman lights up Sydney’s South West

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12 October 2015
Megaman lights up Sydney’s South West
MEGAMAN lights up Sydney’s South West with their fast selling LED Filament Lamps.

@ The Corner is one of Sydney’s South West’s best café’s with a line so long on the weekend that it wraps around the corner. So it is no wonder that they sourced LED lamps, when they are that busy there is simply no time to constantly run out and replace dated halogen lamps that only last 1,000 hours. The owners not only wanted to improve their lighting scheme by installing longer lasting lamps, but also wanted to maximise the interior dining experience and save energy for their newly built café.

Not only is the food in high in demand, but MEGAMAN®’s LG6603dGD series was sold out in Australia months in advance due to its unique LED technology. The ST58’s work well in this cosy café with an Industrial setting as the 2200K colour temperature replicates the warmth of a Halogen. It brings warmth and ambience to this young and spacious café, and softens the industrial atmosphere with a vintage design . The two owners created the light structure themselves and were searching for an LED range that was aesthetically pleasing.

The café is a perfect example where decorative lamps were used to create the feel that the owners envisioned. Nowadays, the hospitality industry places such a huge importance on the style of the café as it has a direct effect on their branding, which is why @ The Corner café had decided that Filament lamps were the best option. The golden tinted glass, allows the lamp to distribute extra warmth and a dimmer light to create a more dramatic ambiance.

MEGAMAN’s filament series resemble the classic beauty of traditional incandescent lamps but provide all the energy saving benefits of LEDs.

After installing 17 of the LG6603dGD lamps, the café will be saving $600 in energy costs in the first year, which includes installation and lamp costs. When comparing the operating costs of both the previous halogen lamp and the current MEGAMAN LED, the difference should be reason enough to make the switch.

Thereafter the LED operating cost per year is only $46.91 compared to $1009.68, and of course there is always the need to replace the halogen lamps every few months due to their short lifespan.

Payback on the investment is less than 3 months which translates into savings of $963 per year. The LG6603dGD’s dimming capability of 100-10% allows for extra energy savings on top of that already mentioned and it 15,000 hour life allows to lamp to last for over 3 years, which is a blessing for such a busy café.

There is a significant environmental impact by switching from energy-hungry halogen lamps, to LED’s. The LED lamps have decreased their CO emissions by 1.75 tonnes and have almost taken a small car off the road. The end result is astounding, by introducing high energy efficient alternatives, the owners have saved over 85% of their energy costs, and have installed lamps that last 15 times longer which reduce maintenance, run at a fraction of the cost and provide higher light quality.

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