Medical™ solves OH&S issue for large private hospital

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1 June 2011
Medical™ solves OH&S issue for large private hospital

The OH&S manager of this Melbourne based large private hospital had concern about the operating theatres floor slipperiness. They have contacted Greg from Global Safe Technologies Victoria who attended the site and after discussions regarding to the hospital requirements and identifying the various constraints has suggested that the WearMax Medical™ clear anti slip coating be installed.

Hospital management has also invited two other alternative product suppliers and all three products to be installed and trialed in nominated operating theatres. The trial had to endure lots of foot traffic, cleaners using scrubbing machines and equipment being dragged across.

As a result of the trial management has decided, the best solution for their requirements was the WearMax professional anti slip coating. The product has already been used extensively in hospitals overseas and locally with great success.

The area to be covered was 475 m2 of vinyl floor covering in four operating theatres, recovery room, four storerooms and a long passageway with scrub in areas included. Almost all areas had issues with water and other liquids on the floor.

One of the project constrains was that the work had to be carried out at the weekend. Global Safe Technologies Victoria management has worked closely with hospital management to organise the work to be done on a weekend to suit their operating schedule. Due to the large amount of equipment that needed to be removed and the hospital not having the room to store it, it was decided to do the work over two weekends.

The work started on the nominated Saturday and completed the primer and armours coats by 6pm, then followed on Sunday morning and finished the shield coats.

Whilst Global Safe applicators were working on the first Saturday, they liaised closely with the cleaning staff and got the work finished early enough to allow the cleaning staff enough time to sterilise the whole area in time for the theatres to reopen.

We then started work early the next Saturday morning and had the work finished by late in the afternoon. The cleaning staffs were able to sterilise the areas that was anti slip coated and the theatres were open on the Sunday morning.

Hospital is extremely happy with the professionalism, willingness to cater for their specific requirements and the quality of the workmanship of the Global Safe team before during and after the work was done.

Management also appreciated the Global Safe approach of not only providing the floor safety solution, but backing it up with a long term warranty as well as with an ongoing risk management program, which is also offered at no additional cost** to them.

This risk management program which is called Surface Safety Risk Management Program© or SSRMP©, includes site specific cleaning staff training as well as regular inspections and reporting of the surface condition.

The SSRMP© will assist ensuring that the entrance area will remain safe for all people using now and in the future.

**Minimum project value applicable to get this free offer.

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