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13 March 2014
MAXI Plywood's new "super" warehouse – full of Russian birch plywood panel.

Who said "You can never have too much of a good thing"?

Well, whoever it was, was right!

MAXI Plywood have just received fresh deliveries with a large range of Russian birch plywood products and now popular demand requires we lease a new standalone warehouse just to accommodate these large stock levels.

Our large stock holdings mean we will more than likely have the product you require when you phone us, ensuring consistency of supply! How good is that?

So, don’t wait! Phone now with your order and choose from:

  • MAXI Birch – BB/B Premium grade Russian birch plywood
  • MAXI Hex – Russian birch plywood with Hexa pattern on top side/smooth on back
  • MAXI Film – Russian Birch in a wide variety of coloured film face. Choose from MAXI Green, MAXI Red, MAXI Blue, MAXI White, MAXI Transparent, MAXI Light Brown, MAXI Grey, MAXI Black, MAXI Beech, MAXI Yellow and MAXI Pre Primed.

Want samples of the above mentioned products? No problem!

Call our office today to arrange a sample pack of all our exciting new products, or we can arrange for one of our sales representatives to personally visit your office in Melbourne – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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