MAXI Film - new colours have just arrived

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6 December 2013
MAXI Film - new colours have just arrived
MAXI Film - a rainbow of colours now available.

Fresh off the wharf - choose from a rainbow of colours with our new innovative MAXI Film.

This highly decorative new ply is made from quality Russian Birch plywood, with 120 gsm coloured phenolic film-face.

Following on from the highly successful MAXI Form in brown and black, we now offer all discerning designers and joinery workshops an opportunity to cater to an increasing customer need for quality coloured timber with MAXI Film.

MAXI Form and MAXI Film are not just for formwork! Use these quality film face plys for decorative designer timber work plus for innovative cabinetry/joinery designs.

New colours: green, red, blue, white, light brown, grey, transparent, beech and pre-primed.

MAXI Film is now available in 2440 mm x 1220 mm x 18 mm sheets

Don't delay - initial stocks are limited.

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