MAXI Edge Rustic Ply Panels – feast your eyes at Chia Chia Cafe

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22 May 2014
MAXI Edge Rustic Ply Panels – feast your eyes at Chia Chia Cafe
MAXI Edge Rustic prefinish Ply Panels – practical and stunningly effective at Chia Chia Cafe.

MAXI Plywood recently advertised on Selector the innovative Ply Panels called MAXI Edge Rustic.

We thank the communicating power of Trade Publications and in the case of MAXI Edge Rustic Ply Panels we are pleased to congratulate Radiance Constructions' choice of MAXI Edge Rustic Prefinish for their creative fit out of Chia Chia Café.

Located in Docklands, Melbourne, Chia Chia caters to the hungry hordes of a fast growing commercial and domestic client base. The need for a visually effective but easily maintained wall surface enabled Radiance Construction to commission MAXI Edge Rustic Panels for the job.

The MAXI Edge Rustic Ply Panel is created with a core of Premium Exterior Plywood. The unique minute strips of Douglas Fir have been bonded to the core to create a patterned surface reminiscent of matchstick art. This plywood edge panel is then finished with either a laminate back for applications such as wall panelling or a second Douglas Fir veneer for double sided design applications. We are offering two finishes upon purchase – either a raw untreated surface finish (Raw) or a clear 2 pak finish varnish (Prefinish) which highlights the natural colours of the Douglas Fir.

MAXI Edge is available in 2400 x 1200 mm sheets from 12mm thick to 24mm thick or 3000 x 1200 mm sheets 15 mm thick to 24 mm thick. Both MAXI Edge Rustic ply panels are available by the sheet or by the pack quantity if required.

So, why not pop into Chia Chia and see for yourself how visually exciting and innovatively decorative these MAXI Edge Rustic Ply Panels are in practical application? Plus we hear the food is well worth the visit!

Congratulations again to Radiance Constructions and Chia Chia for recognising the commercial strength of MAXI Plywood’s unique MAXI Edge Rustic Ply Panels.

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