Markilux "zip" system combines wind resistance and shade

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1 September 2011
Markilux "zip" system combines wind resistance and shade

Exclusive to markilux, the new “zip” system is the first awning in the world to efficiently combine a vertical sunshade and fly-screen in one. Designed to shield homes and buildings from the environment all year round, the “zip” system is the ultimate defence for interiors.

With a broad range of commercial and domestic applications, the “zip” blocks out light, heat and insects in one clean step, while the strength of its track system is designed to withstand strong winds. The combination of fly screen and sunshade in one is a revolution in awning design, according to markilux Country Manager Simon Lightfoot.

“The markilux “zip” system is a fully motorised window system, that simplifies the layering we often see on windows. The gauze fly-screen and sunshade tuck away neatly into one single window frame and slim-line casette, minismising the need for multiple window fixtures,” he says. “In addition to its practical merits, the markilux “zip” system is remarkably strong, stable and ‘quiet’ in windy conditions,” Lightfoot says.

Just another innovation from the ultimate awning company, markilux “zip” system makes use of heavily wind tested tension belts, to ensure both fly-screen and shade are firmly locked in place.

How it works: The “zip” system takes both awning cover and fly-screen right into[NM1] <#msocom1> the tracked edges of the window. Both the fly screen gauze and awning run along the same track profile, fitting seamlessly inside the alluminium frame. The advantage is that the awning cover finishes flush against the inner profile, leaving no gap between cover and track. The zipper like mechanism, locks the material into the frame with tension belts, ensuring an attractive sealed appearance that’s extremely wind resistant. The “zip” system can be unclipped to open the window to the air, with this three-way versatility making it the perfect solution for hotel rooms, restaurants, conference facilities, kitchens, living and bedrooms.

Proof: markilux “zip” awnings are able to withstand wind resistance class 3 (40-50km/h) according to awning standard DIN EN 13561, with low noise impact on the interior. What’s more, markilux “zip” awnings have been wind tunnel tested and can withstand an impressive wind force 8 (63-75km) on the Beaufort scale

The only awning company in the world to design and manufacture all components under one roof, markilux presents consumers and architects with a choice of more than 35 custom-built systems and a textile range of 285 possible colours and patterns. ‘Sun smart’ features include fabrics with factor UPF 50+ protection, and a block out rate of 97% for all UV radiation. While maintaining their valued brand hallmarks of strength, style and endurance. , markilux has also introduced an impresisve range of innovations into[NM2] <#msocom2> the design of the awning including; a bionic tendon within the arm strong enough to hold a small car; dirt-resistant nano-technology for awning fabric and steel frames, plus the the remarkable new “zip” system. Having made their name in the innovation of awnings, markilux high-tech components mean they will continue to be the absolute first choice for architects and designers world-wide.

Markilux – why compromise?

Watch the wind tunnel testing of the "zip" system at the home of markilux design in Germany in the video below:



With more than 40 years experience in technical research, markilux is the world leader in awning mechanisms and textiles. Designed and manufactured in Germany, markilux offers the largest range of premium external shading systems in Australia.

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