Mammoth carpark panels installed in Tauranga.

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12 October 2015
Mammoth carpark panels installed in Tauranga.
Mammoth carpark panels installed on the Tauranga project’s composite slabs

Interest in 100% polyester fibre Mammoth carpark panels from Composite Global Solutions has expanded rapidly as architects and builders alike are beginning to understand the increased scale of fit and finish that can be achieved when compared to conventional under-soffit insulation methods.

CGS Mammoth carpark panels provide a budget-price, sophisticated finish that simply can’t be matched by typical foil-faced PIR insulation panels.

Mammoth carpark panels can be fixed with either colour matched mushroom fasteners or an applied glue adhesive, negating the need for fasteners, for an ultra-clean look.

Made from 100% lofted, thermally bound, randomised polyester fibres, this polyester panel is both semi-rigid and pliable. These properties make it especially suited for use in soffit applications where it may be necessary to conform to irregularities in the ceiling panel, while being stiff enough to require only six fasteners. Furthermore, while there are a number of other polyester soffit insulation offerings on the market, none have attained the ISO9705 rating that CGS's Mammoth insulation.

For more information about how Mammoth carpark panels can help commercial or residential project achieve a thermally stable environment and satisfy Section-J requirements click to visit the 

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