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24 April 2013
LZF lighting product @ KE-ZU
Candelabro by Marivi Calvo of LZF Lamps - available at KE-ZU.

LZF Lamps have been working hard on their new campaign “High Fidelity”. High Fidelity is something a little different in the furniture design world and the product produced from this concept is nothing but astounding.

Each new piece unveiled by LZF Lamps is accompanied by a piece of music originally composed by Rithma Sounds – each note playing simultaneously to the piece it has so lovingly received.

Again working to their mantra “light touched by nature”, LZF Lamps have again turned to manipulating coloured veneer wood in unconventional ways, producing a lighting collection which is exciting, versatile, adaptable and sustainable. Perfect for the home, contract or hospitality markets, LZF Lamps provide a visually appealing and creative way to manipulate light and shadow in a space.

A collection of lighting product that merges concepts from times past the world over, presenting them in new ways to manoeuvre light and shadow.

Available at KE-ZU nationally and through its national distribution network.


Ke-Zu supplies high-quality, designer furniture, lighting and street furniture including seating, tables, storage, beds, lighting and rugs.

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