Little Holland secures Watermark accreditation

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23 February 2012
Little Holland secures Watermark accreditation

Little Holland Pty Ltd has secured Australian Standards Watermark approval for its range of Water Filter Chiller Carbonator systems for the hospitality, corporate and domestic sectors.

Watermark approval is now a mandatory legal requirement for all water treatment systems that are to be connected to mains water lines.

Please note: International markings and certifications mean little in Australia. Refer to Australian Building Codes Board (under heading Product Certification).

Given the very strict testing regime behind the Watermark testing process, architects and specifiers can be reassured that these systems are made of superior quality materials and workmanship and that they are safe for customers.

Licensed plumbers must by law issue a Certificate of Compliance for these types of installations which they can only do if the product is watermarked. Therefore documentation is required to ensure legal conformity in the event of any professional indemnity or public liability claim against the person recommending or specifying the product.

Simply ask the supplier to provide their Watermark Licence Number for any product being connected to mains water lines. If they can not provide a number then the equipment cannot be legally installed.

Watermark License details can be checked out at

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