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14 October 2014
Boral acoustic roof performance tiles.

As Australia becomes increasingly urbanised, more houses are being built near noise sources such as highways, airports and railways. Boral is reminding builders and specifiers of the importance of selecting appropriate roofing material for projects in areas with high noise levels.

“According to the Roof Tile Association of Australia, the roof is a significant path of noise admission for buildings situated under flight paths or near busy roads or railways,” said Charlie Condo, National General Manager, Boral Roofing and Masonry East.
“The choice of roofing material is one of the most crucial factors in limiting the amount of noise that travels through the roof. Tiled roofs offer better acoustic performance than sheet steel roofs, due to their density and thickness ,” said Condo.

Terracotta and concrete roof tiles are recommended for high noise areas as they can reduce external noise by as much as 25 and 30 decibels respectively, compared to a reduction of 12 decibels for sheet metal. In addition to the external cladding of roof tiles, foil sarking, air space above the ceiling, insulation and choice of ceiling materials also play a significant part in limiting noise.

Wide eaves or tiled window awnings can help to shade acoustic openings. Extending the main tiled roof to cover patios and verandahs can also help minimise noise levels.

Available in both functional concrete and stylish terracotta, the Boral roof tiles range includes many different colours and profiles and provides a superior acoustic and aesthetic solution.

Once tiles are installed, in most instances, there is little maintenance required. Should a section become damaged, there is the added benefit of single tile replacement. Boral terracotta and concrete roof tiles are available in a range of profiles and colours.

Boral terracotta roof tiles come with a 50-year warranty and concrete roof tiles with a 20-year warranty .

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