Laser cut metal art as public space fencing

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25 January 2013
Laser cut metal art as public space fencing
Custom design laser cut metal "Wall Art" public space fencing.

The Client Brief : Design and Manufacture a Laser Cut Metal Fence for the new Cloncurry Community Centre in North West Queensland.

Landscape and Architectural Design Products Pty Ltd created a unique public space fence that was not only a safe and practical fence , but it was a unique work of Mural Art that was based on the history of Cloncurry and the local community as it stands today.

LAADP's designers researched the history of the Cloncurry area and then incorporated some of the past into the new modern , yet rustic, community centre fence design. Cloncurry was home to the very first Qantas Flight and also the first Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia. These two themes were combined with other snippets of the history of the area including their mining , farming and cattle droving links .

The end result was a superb Art Mural Fence Design that was laser cut from dual layers of 5mm Aluminium. For extra 3D affect , separate cut outs of stockmen , planes , cattle , a mining shaft and a campfire setting were welded to the front of the rear panels.

The design on the rear panels was based on a modern indigenous pattern that had been meticulously modified in CAD by LAADP, to ensure that the fence panels were not climbable and very safe for public use.

LAADP also sourced a unique powder coating finish that resembled Corten Rustic look, but it did not come with the usual negatives of Corten Steel ( ie potential staining on surfaces below)

The fence also integrated signage within the overall design, which saved many dollars that were going to be spent on separate signs. The fence also include two sets of double opening gates , complete with fire exit handle doors .

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