Large kitchen gets resurfaced while remaining fully operational

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24 July 2015
Large kitchen gets resurfaced while remaining fully operational

Mountain Institution near Agassiz in British Columbia (Canada) required that their medium security correction facility’s very large kitchen – about 800 square metres / 8000 square feet – be resurfaced to provide adequate safety to sufficiently prevent slip and fall incidents and ensure the safety of the working inmates and staff. The main constraint of the work was that the kitchen had to remain fully operational during the floor safety project.

As Anti-Slip Anywhere in the past has done work in a smaller section of the kitchen which management found very satisfactory, the same product called Safe Grip was specified and the project was put out for a tender.

Anti-Slip Anywhere was involved with the winning tender, mainly due to their extensive experience with the product and their previous work on site. Management was expecting that the very large kitchen will be resurfaced over a 3 weeks period to ensure that kitchen full functionality will not be impacted during the work.

Large part of the kitchen had tiled surfaces which had to be grinded to ensure proper bonding of the Safe Grip anti slip strips. The grinding had to be dust free and the applied product had to be fully cured before the morning shift started at 6 am.

Anti-Slip Anywhere has assembled a team of experienced installers locally and also involved its Australian counterpart and the team have managed to complete the work over 8 nights, superseding the most optimistic expectations.

The resurfaced kitchen as of August 2014 is about 17 months old and management has expressed their great satisfaction how well the Safe Grip anti slip strips perform in this very demanding environment.

Over the years, the Safe Grip product has proven itself in hundreds of challenging situations and the independent laboratory tests have shown that it has not only achieved the highest slip resistance rating (British Pendulum Class V / C.O.F. 0.98), but it has also retained it over an extended period of time. This means that the floor surface contribution to the risk of slipping when wet will be Very Low not only at installation time but also for the years to come.

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