Laminex Freestyle get ahead of the curve

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30 January 2012
Laminex Freestyle get ahead of the curve
Benchtop in Laminex Freestyle Curve Snow Storm & Laminex CrystalGloss® Seductive Limba front panel.

New Laminex Freestyle Curve opens up new surface design possibilities giving homeowners, renovators and designers the ability to embrace the fluidity of curved lines.

Providing the greatest flexibility in decorative surface design, Laminex Freestyle Curve surfaces replace straight lines with curves and bends to create breathtaking interiors with a twist.

Made from 100 per cent solid acrylic and with superior thermoforming capabilities and strength, Laminex Freestyle Curve surfaces can be moulded or shaped to create striking surface solutions – benchtops, furniture or decorative feature pieces. The possibilities are endless.

Laminex Marketing Manager – Premium Surfaces, Marc Paulusz, said Laminex Freestyle Curve gives homeowners and renovators the freedom to achieve functionality in its most aesthetic form, without the premium price tag of other 100 per cent solid acrylic products on the market.

“Curved surfaces not only represent outstanding style, but also a practical advantage. Combining the latest technology with cutting-edge decors, Laminex Freestyle Curve surfaces go beyond the scope of traditional materials to transform interiors into multi-functional, inspirational spaces,” Paulusz said.

The stand out properties of Laminex Freestyle Curve surfaces means they can be easily curved and contoured with seamless joins for a desirable minimalist look.

Available in six contemporary decors, Laminex Freestyle Curve surfaces can all be integrated with the wider Laminex product range for a vast array of vertical and horizontal applications.

Incredibly strong and durable, Laminex Freestyle Curve surfaces boast excellent stain, bacteria and heat resistant qualities and are easy to clean. Combined with a 10 year limited warranty, Laminex Freestyle Curve surfaces retain their value even in the most demanding environments.

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