Keep cold draughts out with DecoWood™ aluminium

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18 June 2010

In the cold winter months, windows and doors have a major impact on the inside temperature of a home. They can determine the amount of heat that is retained inside and how much of the cold is kept out.

An energy-efficient window or door is one than minimizes the use of artificial heating and cooling in a building, maintaining a cosy temperature inside at a minimal ongoing cost to the homeowner.

The three main factors that affect heat loss in windows and doors are the glazing, the seals and the frame.

Aluminium has a more efficient sealing system than timber, as it allows for mohair strips to be attached around the edges of the window or door for a tighter fit with the frame, reducing air infiltration into the home. Timber also twists over time, creating air gaps where cold draughts enter.

Aluminium is also a highly reflective material, reflecting a high percentage of the sun’s heat in summer, and insulating against heat loss in the winter.

For the natural beauty of timber without the cold draughts, choose DecoWood™ wood grain finish on aluminium.

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