Kaynemailes striking visual landmark for the Gold Coast

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7 June 2016
Kaynemaile's trans­Tasman collaboration that has its roots in the Lord of the Rings films has created a striking visual landmark for the Gold Coast.

Australia's fourth ­largest shopping centre at Broadbeach Waters in Queensland has an eye­catching facade made from Kaynemaile architectural mesh for the newly redeveloped Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. The installation is thought to be the largest kinetic mesh facade in the southern hemisphere.

The facade runs the length of the shopping centre’s 6500 ­space car park and is made up of ten million 28mm polycarbonate rings, each strong enough to hold a person’s weight.

It features two Kaynemaile products: a kinetic 3D facade made up of 188 multi­layer seamless mesh panels, totalling 1850 square metres, and two Building­ Armour large­ scale architecturalmesh panels, totalling 600 square metres. The twin layers are back­lit and have a surface that changes constantly with the movement of the wind and the sun. At night, the facade has the appearance of a rippling blue wave; during the day, the surface resembles a shimmering fish skin.

The facade was designed collaboratively by Kaynemaile and Scentre Design and Construction, which is managing the redevelopment of Pacific Fair Shopping Centre for owner AMP Capital.

Kaynemaile founder Kayne Horsham invented lightweight chainmail for lead characters in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The join where rings connected had been an inherent weakness in chainmail but Horsham invented a seamless injection­ moulded polycarbonate mesh that has no join and is light, durable and incredibly strong. It is produced with nil waste, and is fully recyclable.

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Kaynemaile reimagined a 2,000-year-old material, inventing a seamless polycarbonate chainmail mesh with its own award-winning technology. This architectural mesh is used to create, divide and protect building interiors and exteriors around the world.

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