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18 September 2014
Wandocka product range by Australian Sustainable Hardwoods.

The name Wandocka is adopted from the local Aboriginal name for our region. This range is designed to achieve a back sawn look which highlights the natural features and characters of the timber. The way its meant to be.

The Wandocka range is finger jointed and laminated which produces a very long, stable and straight product which is full of life and can be bought in set length longs of 5.4 m.

This format especially suits the style and character of the range by allowing a random mix of colour and features throughout each piece. No one board is the same but together they create a visual appearance like no other.

  • 120 × 12 lining & overlay
  • 165 × 19 plain end flooring and lining
  • 90 x 19 risers and shelving
  • 285 × 43 treads & stringers
  • 280 × 66 treads
  • 630 × 43 panels

Wandocka hardwood will take all paint and stains very well, is hard wearing, easy to work with and easy to install due to longer length availability and stability.

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