Introducing Tavola Plank carpet tile

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3 November 2016
The new Tavola carpet tile plank uses EcoSoft - the high-performance acoustic and environmentally friendly carpet tile cushion backing.

Not only is the new Tavola range stunning, it will be the first cushion backed plank tile stocked and ready to go in Australia. 

Backed with EcoSoft, the new range offers significant benefits over and above traditional carpet tile.  EcoSoft delivers twice the sound absorption of hardback tiles, can be installed on wet/green slabs, is thermally efficient and has been certified to the highest ECSL4 rating. 

“As children we explore our world through play and when we play with pencils and crayons we begin to discover line and color and how they interact so we can draw images and pictures. And before we create coherent images we start with scribbling random lines on any surface available.”

“Tavola was inspired by the memory of scribbling on paper and seeing the texture of the surface beneath the paper create an unexpected pattern. Tavola is the embodiment of this early memory.” Inspiration by Vilasinee Srijaroon.

Tavola Plank is available from Above Left.

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