Introducing refreshed Rollgliss® Technical Rescue range

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3 April 2013
Introducing refreshed Rollgliss® Technical Rescue range

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands of fall protection equipment has announced the launch of their refreshed Rollgliss® Technical Rescue range.

The Rollgliss® Technical Rescue range of products builds on the legacy of SRTE, a proud Australian brand of rescue equipment. With their recent acquisition of SRTE, Capital Safety introduces the melding of their premier Rollgliss industrial rescue family with SRTE, to form the Rollgliss Technical Rescue range of products under their DBI-SALA family. A comprehensive suite of products ensuring the safety and security of its users, equipment that is built to last and excel in harsh environments.

“The Rollgliss™ Technical Rescue product line meets the needs of rescue and rope access personnel, encompassing everything from simple descent systems to complicated flying foxes, including a wide variety of rescue accessories”, said Emmett McGregor, Global Product Manager for Capital Safety. “Made in Australia and used around the globe, the Rollgliss™ Technical Rescue range compliments Capital Safety’s already established line of Industrial Rescue and fall protection systems”.

Capital Safety has invested heavily in R & D across the range, ensuring all products meet the relevant standards and are continuously making improvements and innovations to provide an unrivalled user experience. This is evident in their overhaul of the NoWorries™ Double stop Descender, the OzPod™ Rescue Frame and the introduction of the new lightweight and robust ExPlorer™ Chest Ascender.

The Rollgliss® Technical Rescue range of products is made for work, not play. Focusing on strength, durability and ease of use, the equipment provides superior performance with added safety and peace of mind. To complement the products a specialist range of Rescue & Rope Access harnesses have been purpose built to include all the vital features for rescue and rope access work. Available in the popular ExoFit NEX™ or DELTA™ II styles, the harnesses provide all the necessary functions required by rescue personnel when faced with extreme situations.

Rollgliss® Technical Rescue delivers a diverse range of technical rescue equipment, including: ascenders; descenders; rigging, roping & anchorage equipment; pulleys; haul kits; tripods; rescue frames and much more. The collection incorporates all the necessary gear to supply emergency services, military, mining, oil & gas, arborists, professional riggers and the utilities industries both locally and overseas.

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