Introducing Railok™ 90 – improved fall protection system

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10 December 2010
Introducing Railok™ 90 – improved fall protection system
Vertical fall arrest rail system that optimises safety and maximises freedom of movement.

Vertical fall arrest rail system that optimises safety and maximises freedom of movement!

DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand solely dedicated to the fall protection market, has announced the launch of their NEW Railok™ 90 vertical fall arrest rail system.

The Railok 90 vertical rail system provides improved safety for workers ascending and descending fixed ladders. The shuttle travels smoothly along the entire length of the rail allowing the user to move up and down the ladder, and will not snag or resist the climber’s motion. In the event of a fall, the shuttle locks on the rail arresting the fall while minimising fall distances and load forces on the user. Additionally, the system does not restrict foot space on the ladder rungs, and offers users complete freedom of movement as they climb.

“Safety while ascending and descending ladders is a key issue in many industries,” says Greg Peterson, Systems Manager for Capital Safety, Australia and New Zealand. “In addition to providing safety, solutions that address these needs cannot restrict operators from completing their work. Railok 90 offers our customers a rigid rail system solution combining optimal worker safety with maximum worker productivity.”

The unique metallic shock absorber further enhances safety and prolongs the life of the system. Rather than utilise a webbed shock absorber that can deteriorate over time, the shuttle device employs a revolutionary integrated metallic absorber that restricts fall distances and significantly reduces the forces on the user in the event of a fall.

The Railok 90 rail system is made from high-strength extruded stainless steel and aluminium, and is easily installed without special tools. It is available with a wide range of brackets, providing installation options in many different configurations - including narrow-gauge ladders where foot space is restricted. In applications requiring the use of a ladder where none is present, an integrated solution is available utilising rail components machined to accept ladder rungs. The ladder rail solution provides the dual benefit of fall protection while meeting the need for efficient ascent and descent.

Suitable for a number of diverse applications, the Railok 90 vertical fall arrest system can be deployed across multiple industries requiring fall protection for climbing applications such as: wind energy, telecommunications, oil and gas, construction and more.

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