Introducing new Rollgliss® Heavy Duty Rescue Pole

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22 November 2013
Introducing new Rollgliss® Heavy Duty Rescue Pole
A high strength alternative for use with a variety of peer rescue system!

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands of fall protection equipment has announced the launch of their new DBI-SALA Rollgliss® Heavy Duty Rescue Pole.

The new Heavy Duty Rescue Pole has been designed as a high strength alternative for use with the Rollgliss® R250 Rescue Kit, or with a variety of peer rescue kits/systems during pick-off rescue operations.

“Complete with its own carry bag for ease of transport, use and storage, the pole is lightweight and portable, and ideal for use in pick-off operations,” said Rick Millar, Technical Manager with Capital Safety Australia & New Zealand. “The heavy duty construction and non-conductive elements of the pole make it ideal for use around high and low voltage work areas to safely reach and rescue an injured worker.”

The poles smooth turn lock functionality allows it to easily extend, retract and safely lock off in sections from 1.5 to 3.8 metres in length to suit your rescue scenario, allowing the rescuer(s) to remove a person from danger without putting themselves at risk by descending down to them. Fitted with a sunrise end fitting, the specially designed adaptor holds the rescue hook in place; the rescuer simply hooks onto the suspended person’s fall arrest D-ring during rescue operations.

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