Introducing new range of ladder levelling & stabilising devices

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8 December 2011
Introducing new range of ladder levelling & stabilising devices

The first step towards fall protection on portable ladders!

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA, PROTECTA and UNILINE brands of fall protection equipment has announced the launch of a new range of Ladder Levelling and Stabilising Devices. The ladder levelling/stability range from Rojak Design, available from Capital Safety, provides the first step towards fall protection and height safety on portable ladders by converting them into a safer work and access system.

“Working with portable ladders, particularly where connecting to a fixed anchorage point or engineered system is not possible is a highly dangerous yet at times unavoidable work practice,” said Greg Peterson, Engineered Systems Support Manager with Capital Safety Australia & New Zealand. “These ladder stability and levelling devices allow users to ensure they can work safely on their ladders and climb onto and down from the roof safely without fear of their ladder flipping, slipping or falling off makeshift levelling props”.

The range includes: The Stopper - an anti slip ladder stabiliser consisting of a high quality aluminium T-piece bonded to a covering of vulcanised rubber. The device prevents a ladder from flipping and the stiles from rotating. The Leveller - a permanent or temporary device that fits to the bottom of the ladder as a stabiliser allowing it to be levelled on hills and slopes. The Spyder - a top ladder stabiliser/work station that can be fitted securely to any industrial ladder offering; safer access and egress to flat and pitched roof surfaces, stability when working on inward and outward facing corners, safe working at arm’s length reducing the risk of falling backwards, and prevention of contact with fragile surfaces such as gutters, downpipes, etc.

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