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29 July 2016
Knauf's new Comfortboard delivers temperature control with cost and space savings.

Comfortboard is Knauf's new thermal mass board, delivering thermal mass with space and cost efficiency

Comfortboard provides architects, designers and specifiers with the thinnest, lightest weight thermal mass lining on the market, and has the added advantage of the ease of installation that comes with a standard plasterboard product. This eliminates the need for specialist training or change to building practices and allows for a space-saving efficiency of between 5% and 8%. This, in turn, leads to cost savings, not only at the build phase, but by making more space available it effectively increases the value per square metre from a design.

In addition to providing cost and space saving at the design and build phase of a building, the technology in the board is where the real benefits lie in the cost saving for the end user by reducing the reliance on mechanical heating and cooling. Projects that are constructed using Comfortboard thermal mass lining will offer a more attractive end result for buyers and will have the added benefit of better meeting sustainable requirements from the perspective of building management and maintenance.

The board, which incorporates Micronal ® Phase Change Materials (PCM), helps to increase comfort and reduce energy costs by smoothing out temperature extremes in a room. The PCM in the board is made up of microscopic acrylic polymer balls filled with paraffin wax. As a room heats up the paraffin wax absorbs the heat and turns to a liquid, storing the heat inside the board. When the temperature drops again the paraffin wax solidifies and releases the heat back into the room, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature of around 23ºC.

Comfortboard has been designed to be installed in the same way as a standard plasterboard product, which makes it the most efficient and cost-effective thermal mass product on the market. By removing the need for any changes or additional steps in the construction process, this light weight building material can be quickly installed like any other wall lining and, unlike traditional bricks, can even be installed in ceilings, further adding to the effectiveness of a temperature-sensitive design.

With the temperature-control attributes of the product lasting for the life of the board – extensive scientifically controlled tests have been carried out on the product to establish its performance effectively over a 30 year period with no reduction in function – Comfortboard offers architects, designers and end users a long-term solution which will provide overall benefits on a financial, space and environmental basis for the life of their projects.

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