Introducing engineered fall protection anchor range brochure

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25 February 2011
Introducing engineered fall protection anchor range brochure

A range of fall protection anchors for every application!

Capital Safety, home of the world-renowned DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands, has announced the release of their new Engineered Anchor Range Brochure.

Fall protection anchors provide a secure point of attachment for fall arrest systems and can be permanent, temporary or removable. Anchors also vary by industry, job task and the type of installation and structure available, and must be capable of supporting loads as per the requirements of AS/NZS 1891.4.

Capital Safety’s new Engineered Anchor Range Brochure outlines their collection of safety anchors ideal for structural, concrete or roof mount applications. Highlights from the new brochure include a new range of low profile purlin mounted anchors to suit a variety of roof types.

The brochure also summarises their specialised fall protection anchor range including: vacuum anchors, beam anchors, door/window jamb anchors, rail anchors and free standing counterweight anchors that cover a variety of applications encountered in a wide range of industries requiring fall protection.

Contact Capital Safety to request your copy of the brochure, or view the brochure online by clicking on the literature tab located under the tools section. Capital Safety has a comprehensive network of installers located throughout Australia & New Zealand that are able to install and certify their anchors, further information can be obtained from their customer service department or via their website.

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