Intelligent lighting technology for city lighting

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2 December 2015
Intelligent lighting technology for city lighting
With the ZFT400, WE-EF presents a new post top luminaire series – a reinterpretation of the classic city luminaire.

With the ZFT400, WE-EF presents a new post top luminaire series – a reinterpretation of the classic city luminaire. With its purist, clear shape, the ZFT400 integrates seamlessly into inner-city environments with architecture from various periods. Whether in historical “old town” districts or in modern city settings, the series is equally suitable for pedestrian zones and promenades as well as entry zones in front of distinctive buildings or car parks. The ZFT400 series, especially when equipped with the double extension mounting bracket, is reminiscent of historical city luminaires that to this day still characterise the night-time appearance of many metropolitan areas.

As the first step towards expanding the range, the ZFT400 series is now available with two narrow luminaire versions (ZFT430/434, ZFT440/444). They will be followed at the beginning of 2016 by the larger-volume luminaire variants (ZFT460/464 and ZFT470/474).

The luminaires generate a combination of beam distribution – as used in pedestrian zones, for example – and feature WE-EF's OLC® One LED Concept technology with the mutli-layer principle. The newly developed [C60] LED PMMA double lens provides symmetric light distribution, ensuring outstanding glare reduction even when operated at maximum efficiency. As an option, a single-sided light shield can be used in order to completely exclude the possibility of scattered light entering the windows of neighbouring buildings. [S65] streetlighting lenses generate a 'side throw' light distribution, while [R65] lenses provide a wide beam, asymmetric 'forward throw' distribution.

The ZFT430/434 and 440/444 are available with connected wattages up to 37 W and two colour temperatures of 3000 K or 4000 K. The two larger versions cover wattages up to 54 W. The luminous flux, and therefore the power consumption, can be controlled on the electronic ballast with a 1–10 V or DALI interface. In the version with the [C60] double lens, the luminaire is fitted with 10/10 kV surge protection; the OLC® versions with [S65] or [R65] lenses have 6/6 kV surge protection, which is integrated in the LED drivers. The luminaires are constructed from marine-grade, die-cast aluminium and feature an IP66 rating.


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