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29 October 2009

Boral launches 12 new exterior colour scheme combinations for bricks and roof tiles.

Boral is pleased to announce the launch of 12 inspirational colour scheme combinations to facilitate the decision-making process for selecting and recommending exterior finishes.

Easy-to-use Colour Inspirations fan decks showcase appealing and modern tonal combinations across clay bricks and pavers, roof tiles and complementary fascia and gutter trim options for projects in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Eddy Maini, National Marketing Manager Boral Bricks and Roofing, said the schemes are a tool for builders, colour consultants and architects to quickly visualise a workable end result.

“Working with one of Australia’s leading colour professionals, Boral has ensured that each of the 12 schemes is tried and tested. Colour selection can be challenging, particularly given that a colour’s appearance will be modified by another colour as well as light,” Eddy said.

“We hope the Colour Inspirations tool will assist industry professionals gain colour confidence with Boral products and realise the possibilities available across our ranges of bricks, pavers and roof tiles.”

Site location, architectural style and budget diversity were key considerations in the final colour schemes, which also address a direction towards native and Mediterranean planting preferences in landscaping design.

“The vast contrasts in terrain between New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria were also considered, which led to separate combinations for each state,” Eddy added.

Go to to download and view the new colour schemes. These colours are indicative only and products ordered should be chosen from current product samples.

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