InfinityBrick – New decorative lighting with added atmosphere

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4 October 2010
InfinityBrick – New decorative lighting with added atmosphere

The InfinityBrick is a beautiful glass brick with color changing lighting capability. The brick is ideal for decorative applications including for use as display modules and room dividers. Very low energy consumption, a long life span and an excellent quality of finish make the InfinityBrick a standout for decorative lighting in a stylish and contemporary environment.

The InfinityBrick features ultra-low power consumption of 4.5 watts per brick and a replaceable LED module to enhance it’s already long life span. The InfinityBrick measures 190 mm × 190 mm × 80 mm depth. It is made from reflective glass with an anodised aluminium frame. The InfinityBrick has won a host of lighting awards including the prestigious reddot design award.

Modular in design, the InfinityBrick can be supplied with transformer and a simple RBG controller. You can power a number of bricks per transformer. The bricks simply plug together. The system can also be customised with color changing controllers and larger transformers.

Use the InfinityBrick in applications such as shopping and retail, clubs and bars, receptions and foyers, as well as residential installations. Use it to build a feature or dividing wall or for many other decorative applications where color and light can be used to create or enhance the atmosphere.


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