Imperial Hotel Eumundi renovates with Whittle Waxes

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24 February 2014

The Imperial Hotel Eumundi opens its freshly renovated Green Room. The owners Michael and Caroline Arnett and their partners aimed to maintain the legacy of the hotel and to keep the Imperial theme. The restoration of this heritage hotel began in May 2013 and is now is open to the public and in full swing.

The restoration of the timber floor was done by Giles Whittle Herbert, co-director of Whittle Waxes. Keeping with the imperial theme, Giles and Caroline worked together to recreate the ambiance of the Green Room. Caroline chose the emblem Fleur-de-lis, to be a pattern though out the surface of the timber floor. Over the centuries the Fleur-de-lis has appeared on countless European coats of arms and flags, and is associated with the French monarchy in a historical context, thus making it a perfect choice for this majestic hotel.

After the timber floor had been properly sanded, cleaned and dusted, an antique oak stain from Treatex was applied. Recreating the identical Fleur-de-lis pattern throughout the room, Giles cut out the Fleur-de-lis stencil on a sheet of tin, and with a blow torch carefully scorched the surface. The floor was then protected with Whittle Waxes Hardwax oil.

Whittle Waxes have a range of oils and Hardwax coatings that are ideal for commercial applications, as they have dedicated maintenance regimes and many are replenished simply by buffering a maintenance coat on to the floor.

This can potentially mean that the floor will never need aggressive sanding again, which is an attribute particularly important in Heritage buildings and areas of high foot traffic that may be open 364 days a year.

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