How do I choose the right artwork?

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16 August 2013
How do I choose the right artwork?

Here are some of our tips:

Canvas paintings should be considered a part of your room, and enhance your current colour schemes (or in the case of a very neutral scheme – you can use the artwork to add an unexpected and beautiful surprise)

Large canvas paintings are very much in style at the moment, and have been very difficult to locate at affordable prices. If you find a piece that you love, and you take it home for a certain space, you may have to make changes to the surrounding furnishings to make it ‘fit’. These changes are often very simple and will really base around moving a piece of furniture, or feeding some more light to the area. You should always consider hanging a painting “off centre” and really highlight the work. You don’t have to conform to fitting a piece in ‘above the sofa or bed”, hang it off centre above a side table.

Try to keep with the overall theme throughout the room. If you have a very modern and minimalist style, run with a bold splash of colour and choose a large contemporary painting. If you have a house full of antiques, try to choose more subtle colours and lean towards landscape & still life style paintings.

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