How DMF high speed doors can help you

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16 February 2011
How DMF high speed doors can help you

The High speed pvc roll door is a very popular fast action door for the controlling of working areas against fumes, dust, temperature loss, vermin and internal security. DMF International is the only fully Australian owned and Australian manufacturer of these industrial high speed doors, and have been providing solutions for over 20 years, of specialised doors to various applications.

With a fast operation speeds of up to 1.5m/sec, the DMF range of high speed roll doors can operate hundreds of times per day, with combinations of forklift and/or pedestrian traffic.

Can we help you . . .

  1. Does your door opening have a high volume of traffic movements?
    The DMF fast roll door can help.

  2. Is your doorway small or very large?
    The DMF rapid roll door is custom manufactured to suit, with sizes up to 6000mmH x 6000mmW, and we can offer larger doors through our German supplier, Efaflex Gmbh.

  3. Does your door access require temperature control, or dust or vermin reduction, while still providing ventilation.
    DMF have a range of specialist PVC door panel types to assists.

Whatever your need, we can best construct the roll door to suit, and so contact DMF for more information and for a no obligation quote.

DMF International Pty Ltd

DMF International Pty Ltd are manufacturers and suppliers of flexible PVC doors, and high speed roll doors, including the agnency for Efaflex High Speed doors.

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