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7 October 2015
When choosing a timber floor coating, it is important to consider what benefits your coating choice will provide you with in the long run.

When choosing a timber floor coating, it is important to consider what benefits your coating choice will provide you with in the long run. There is a large price difference between the coating types, which is reflected in the quality of the coating, where it is manufactured and the health benefits.

It’s important to have your flooring contractor quote accordingly on each of the coating types. As a guideline, hardwax oils and water-based coatings should be roughly the same price per square metre. Additionally, when choosing a coating, be sure to calculate the price not by size of the tin, but by how many square meters of coverage you will achieve. Hardwax oils have an exceptionally high coverage rate up to 20 – 30 m² per litre, depending on timber species. In comparison to many other types which often offer only 10 to 12 m² per litre, and are often a three coat process. Hardwax oils have a simple two coat process. The floor may be used with care after 24 hours after the second coat, you can safely move in and enjoy the beauty of your fresh new floor.

Other points to consider:

  • Is the chosen coating repairable and can it be replenished?
  • These are characteristically oils and waxes, no aggressive sanding is required to replenish the coating
  • Is a comprehensive maintenance program available for the coating type
  • Using the correct floor care products will extend the floor's life
  • Longevity, most coating types will give between 5 and 7 years use
  • High wear areas, kitchen etc, may need an interim maintenance coat
  • With hardwax oils this is easily done, no need to move out – just keep the repair dry for a week
  • Does the coating form a skin? Inevitably when worn out these need to be completely resanded
  • Each time the floor is sanded, timber is removed and hence the life of the floor is reduced
  • The recoating process requires vacating the house for up to a week.

The aggressive re-sanding process inevitable with other coatings, is not only costly, but often leaves behind toxic sanding waste and dust. The cleaning efforts to remove the dust and time to air out fumes from your home, only prolongs the process. Penetrating into the timber, as well as protecting the surface, Hardwax Oils are nourishing as well as resistant. They provide a full body finish without creating a skin so each board can move individually without the concern of edge bonding. Being micro-porous, they allow the timber to breathe, which means climatic changes are accommodated.

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