Hansgrohe is turning 111 and keeps growing

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15 June 2012
Hansgrohe is turning 111 and keeps growing

Today is the 111th anniversary of the day on which the qualified draper and clothier Hans Grohe established his own sheet metal manufacturing business in Schiltach in the Black Forest in the year 1901. This start-up – as we would call it today – and pioneering enterprise in a sanitation industry that was just starting to develop at the time has today blossomed into a world renowned brand, a company whose products are used daily in more than 120 countries across the globe. “In these fast-moving times, it should not be taken for granted that a company will be able to grow and develop so successfully over such a long period of time,” stressed Siegfried Gänßlen, Chairman of the Management Board of Hansgrohe SE (www.hansgrohe.com), in talking about this special anniversary. “This could only be achieved thanks to Hansgrohe’s persistent challenging of the old-fashioned ways of doing things, together with the company’s ability to reinvent itself whenever it was necessary.” A major asset right from the start were the creative spirit and passion for innovation of the company’s founder, the gifted inventor Hans Grohe – and it is a legacy that is maintained and nurtured until this very day. It is a well established fact that Hansgrohe SE has shaped bathroom history and continually set new standards with inventions ranging from the world’s first automatic drain and overflow system, the showerbar, the handspray with variable jets right through to the water and energy-saving EcoSmart-technology, as well as with its multi-award-winning design concepts.

Quality of innovation as a factor for growth
“Our power of innovation, coupled with our passion for the element of water, has been a major factor contributing to our success,” explains Siegfried Gänßlen. “It is because our partners in the market appreciate and respect us for our ambition to increase the benefit to the customer, and hence the quality of their lives, through real innovation. This is not confined to manufacturing innovative products, however: it is also a matter of coming up with innovative ideas in relation to service, and the way we relate to customers.”

On this basis, the company is continuing on its course for growth even in the face of the difficult economic conditions prevailing in 2012. “We are indeed performing well, given the recessionary trends affecting many parts of the world. In the project business, we have been able to achieve some stunning successes, including the supply of equipment for four sports stadiums in Poland and Ukraine,” said the CEO of Hansgrohe. “In the fields of logistics and manufacturing, we have now reached the limits of our capacities, and we are therefore thinking about expanding our operation.” The Black Forest-based mixer and shower manufacturer set a new record in 2011 with net sales reaching € 764 million.

Big birthday bash
Hansgrohe SE will be hosting a big anniversary celebration under the motto “WassErleben” (“Experiencing Water”) on July 7, 2012, from 1:11pm noon until 1:11am at the company’s corporate headquarters in Schiltach. “We’re already looking forward to having a great day, and we hope to welcome many guests from far and near,” said Hansgrohe CEO Gänßlen.

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