Green facades - current Tensile research projects

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7 November 2012
Green facades - current Tensile research projects
Installation for research on growth mediums.

Tensile Design & Construct will this month complete the installation of a 72 m² green facade for the Melbourne University Burnley Campus. The green facade forms part of a research project being undertaken by the Green Infrastructure Research Group. Tensile is an industry partner in this research project providing our knowledge on green facade design and construction, along with panels of our Jakob Webnet stainless steel mesh for trial growing.

The project aims to provide quantitative answers to the benefits of green façades in relation to the insulation of buildings, monitoring the reduction of heat gain and temperature differences for buildings with or without green facades. The team will also be looking at various climbing species and their suitability to green façades in an Australian climate, rate of growth and optimal facades for their longevity.

To date, the green facade industry has only been operating with anecdotal evidence of these benefits based upon real life examples and/or information from Europe or the USA, which has only limited uses in Australia. Tensile is excited to be part of this research project and looks forward to the first results.

In other news, Tensile have also begun trials for another high-rise development, similar to our work on ‘1 Central Park’. Once complete, Tensile will be able to combine this information with our wind studies conducted for the ‘1 Central Park’ green facades, providing our clients with un-paralleled knowledge on the design and implementation of green facades for the built environment.

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